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One from the USP vaults. The flying eyeball’s production. Eyeballs by Shine. Sorry about the join up is not the best. If I can get better flicks send em our way and I’ll re-post it. 


Notch/Hip Hop Summit 05

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Berns TDU/Ouch TNC/Notch USP

I dont know the full details of why there hasnt been another Hip Hop Summit event since this “one”, but if this city wants to be a recognised player in the big world, then it has a duty to allow all cultures to celebrate and get together, and allow organisers of said event to show the on lookers the best of the best of this beautiful culture (Hip Hop) and all elements of this culture need to be given equal treatment, why does graffiti get the rough end of the stick when walls like this are produced.


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**Click to enlarge**

Jewo dropped a nice “rat” charcter. End supplied the spot, Kube pulled out another organic piece, Notch kept it classic in his “classic” style and furthermore he may have rocked his last piece here in NZ as he has bigger plans across the ditch and of course I was there too.


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Another crazy piece by Notch